Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shoe Lovin'

I had too many pictures from Out of the Blue that I had to do another posting. In thinking about my experience there I realized that women truly are drawn to shoes. There was a sea of altered shoes and I picked up most of them to bring to Altered Couture. Shoes pictured here are by Debi Beard (http://debisdesigndiary.blogspot.com/), Dyanna Cooley (http://www.jewelry-supply-crown-cross-vintage.blogspot.com/), and Lisa Loria (http://vintagebling4u.blogspot.com/). Can you believe Lisa was up until 2 a.m. painting those cowgrrrl boots by hand? Or Debbie's chandelier pumps?! Debi shared an interesting insight in that she feels shoes are one of the easiest mediums to alter. It makes sense to me, but oftentimes Altered is strapped for shoe projets. What do you think? More to come in the Fall issue of Altered Couture when these babies are sure to make a splash.

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