Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I Bought Today: Haute Hosiery Part 2

I mentioned yesterday that I have been scooping up tights and socks left and right to update my wardrobe in a cheaper yet unique way. Two secrets to share in this post: I love cherries and I heart Betsey Johnson (the queen of flirty, fun hoisery!). Check out the cool gingham and cherry tights. $4 at Marshalls! So Rockabilly and so different. No one else would dear wear these. When they make their big reveal I will share a picture. Any ideas?

The Betsey socks are super cute as well. They are cream and have chiffon layers at the top, black polka dots, and a chiffon flower and leaves peeking out. They come in black/red too. I will be looking for those and scooping them up as I buy multiples when I see something I really love. Still deciding on how to wear these, but luckily for me Betsey offers the following advice with her hosiery: "Wear it Slouchey." Keep these buys in mind when altering your haute hosiery for Altered Couture.


  1. I love the polka dot ones with the flirty ruffle on top, so can you go back to marshalls and get me pair ?? pretty please!

  2. I've adored Betsey Johnson ever since the 8th grade when I had a cardigan sweater that was Betsey Johnson for Alley Cat. It was all bright colors and had these giant round marble buttons. Oh how I wish I knew what happened to that sweater.
    I've definitely got to hit Marshalls this week and look for those tights.

  3. Oh Andrea, I forgot to mention that the socks with flowers can be purchased at Nordstrom. THanks for reminding me!