Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Art of Thank You

I'm lucky enough to have parents who taught me this valuable lesson at a young age: "Always say please and thank you." Needless to say my family is big on Thank You notes. I've noticed that many artists are as well. I never exepct these notes and cards, so when I get them they are truly cherished and hung up in my office. Recently I've received these beauties. The note inside is from Alexa ( Her card is the one with the sketch of the fashionable femme on the front.
I've been putting off sending my Thank You cards, but I will get to them tonight over TV. There truly is an art to saying Thank You; after all it's more than manners when done with this presentation. At Stampington we see a lot of cards, but I'm always more interested in the words and stories inside of them. Have you sent your Thank You cards from the holidays yet?

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  1. Hi Beth, I am so happy to find your artful blog! Wow! I love it. I am proud to be a follower, for sure!