Thursday, January 14, 2010

SEW What?

Sewing is a daily indulgence for many. One of the new assignments I recently inherited to my large plate is Sew Somerset (

I have to admit, I've had cold feet about this project. I leapt aboard (as I do a lot in my decision making, particularly when it comes to purchases) and didn't really think it all through. But then yesterday as I laid out all the artwork thus far, relief set in and a smile grew. It's funny how art can do that to you.

You see, I'm not a mixed-media person, and that has been what's scaring me. But as I glanced at all the bright colors and touched all the stitches I realized that had I not leapt in, shoe first, I would have regretted it. If I had seen someone else get to tend to all of these beautiful sewn works, I would have definitely kicked myself. And that is the charm of Sew, and sewing itself. You may wonder why you started a project, but hopefully in the end you are ever so glad you did.

When is a stitch something more?

When does the bringing together of thread and needle tell a story?

Why do we have the urge to unite the fabrics and loose ends of our lives?

When do you take the ripper to your work to undo something? Are there things you wish you had ripped up?

Why do we sit at our machines, or thread a needle?

These are the questions that SEW answers for me. I thank all the artists who have submitted, as I am deeply moved. Are you moved? Inspired? I urge you to submit to SEW Somerset. We will be taking submissions of your stitched mixed-media work through 1/19/10 ( Leap in, shoe first, it's worth it.

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