Thursday, April 8, 2010

What I Wore Today (Monday)

On Monday it was one of those spring days where it was kinda cloudy/misty with potential for sun later in the day. When rain can turn into sun at any given moment it makes dressing quite tricky. Luckily I've done enough trend research to know that not only are heels with socks and a dress quite the thing to do, but wedges too will be hot for spring. Why not do both? I got away with wearing a dress, trendy shoes, and my feet were toasty.

Cashmere dress is Juicy Couture, as are the shoes ( Beanie was a gift. Glasses and socks are from Target ( These socks are actually over-the-knee but I very much like the look of them slouchy. Coat is from Tulle.
Turns out my instincts were spot on. Check out the styling in the Juicy Spring catalogue. Now only if I could get my hands on a cool bunny mask ...


  1. I'll make you a cool bunny mask! You look adorable Beth!

  2. Andrea, you are so funny!!! I bet you could make a heck of a bunny mask that I would be tempted to wear!