Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Focus on the Good

Today was just a bad day for dealing with the public. Im not sure people realize how often I have to do that here at work. Some days are spent going to events, emailing people, or doing phone interviews, but other days in my mountains of e-mails I come across the occasional note from a person who is not happy. They aren't necessarily unhappy with me, but rather they dont like something about a magazine or don't want to send artwork. Today I've received a number of "disappointment" e-mails. I totally value people being honest and able to share opinions with me. But when a bunch of negative notes arrive on the same day it gets frustrating.
Still every job has its good and bad, right? So today Im focusing on the good. How big are our artist's hearts? They do enough good in our communities, so when they take the extra time to show me a spot of kindness, I cant tell you how flattered I am.
Really cool things received recently are:
1. Silver (favorite metal) and blue (the trendy color of the season) earrings from Lindalou Richards ( A huge thank you to my mum who fell in love with Lindalou's jewelry first. My mum is big on supporting handmade and while she taught me to spend money on jewelry, she also taught me to take life one day at a time, in order to find inner peace and joy. When Lindalou sent her creations in this book cover with these inscriptions on front, they really spoke to me. It's important to give love in order to get joy or peace.
2. Candace Marquette's ( City of Angels bag. This purse is featured in the current Haute ( While on the phone with Candace one day her words really touched me as she ministered to me at a moment when I needed it. Candace is a true angel.
3. I really love monograms. This initial was a gift from the kind Debi Beard ( These letters are actually one of Debi's bestsellers and it hangs on my office wall. Debi's gift is a reminder of continuous generosity, as Debi has dedicated her store and much of her time to supporting local artists. I also think "B" can stand for blessed; a constant reminder of the blessings in every day.
4. A card from Monica ( complete with WISH tickets. I only met Monica recently, working on Haute Handbags, but I've been lucky enough to have her support on so many proejcts (including Home). Her little "just because" cards and e-mails are a great comfort to me. I love the added "wish" sentiment. Sometimes wishing is important. It keeps us mindful of the things we dare imagine. I like to wish for things that seem impossible, but I know are achievable. I believe in hard work. I wouldnt be where I am today, accepting affirmations from talented artists had I not at one time wished and worked and dared to make it come true.
So today's challenge is this: Let's focus on the good, give love, find joy, have peace, wish, and work hard.


  1. I believe there will always be people wanting to take your "happy".....usually because they are so unhappy themselves. Keep smilin' and don't let them have your happy.....jana

  2. Dear Beth - What a touching and honest post! I remind myself daily to focus on the positive and good:-) I love the monogram letters also! THANK YOU for your kind comments regarding my jewelry!! You absolutely made my day (or week or month!). I'm glad you received the package and look forward to hearing from you soon. Warm regards, Sheila

  3. Oh my!!! THANK YOU Beth, for your post and kind words. Like Sheila, said. You've made my day. I wish you a fun filled, fabulous day each and every day. Don't let any any turkeys get you down. ♥
    If blue is so hot. I have a cobalt blue bracelet I did not include in the box. Would you like me to send it? No problem if so.
    Again. ♥'s to you


  4. Dear Beth,
    So sorry to hear you had one of those days. You are doing a magnificent job! I agree with all of these other beautiful comments, don't let it steal your joy. Happiness depends on what 'happens' joy is what is possible in spite of the circumstances.
    wishing you plenty of joy!

  5. Beth,
    MANY THANKS for your sweet mention! Glad I've been of some help.
    What I can say is focus on your blessings even in 'no-days', keep up the great work you do with devotion and passion, and let the rest go!
    Wishing you my best,
    P.S All the things you showed here are beautiful! The book cover is so special.

  6. Beth,
    You're shining personality and positive attitude is the reason I worked with Stampington and continued to send in my artwork. You're doing an amazing job and Stampington is so lucky to have you :)
    Lindsay Mason