Friday, April 23, 2010

Know It All

When you add the ending "ology" to a word it defines a branch of study. I realize that on this blog I have yet to talk about one of my publications that people adore adore adore, apronology. The truth is I havent talked about it as much because it is so loved. I feel that people have such a resounding connection to that book (as do I) and so it's almost needless to keep on declaring my affection and adoration for it.

But yesterday, fate stepped in. And I was reminded all over again why it's important to share, be it knowledge, love, or information. A reporter from the L.A. Times called and wanted to discuss apronology. It didnt surprise me because I've been interviewed about this magazine before. But this was one of those really outstanding interviews that reminded me that there still is a need to discuss this issue, this book, this love shared by so many. I was struck by Amy Karol's words ( that the reporter shared with me when asking me why the apron had become popular again. Amy in all her wisdom answered that we had finally gotten passed the baggage carried with the apron.

So true. Once you leave baggage behind, once you pack your bags and move on, once you stop analyzing, figuring, obsessing, worrying about what an action means, what statement's being made, who thinks what, only then are you free to do what you want.

This has been a whirlwind of a week. I havent been blogging much because Ive been dealing with lots of baggage. But luckily these experiences have allowed me to unpack my own problems that I've been carrying around, and I'm learning something. I'm learning how to care for others and how to share love and knowledge so that those closest to me can benefit. I've learned that just because you think something is apparent, doesnt mean that it isnt worth sharing anyway.
It was only after all of these realizations, as I was getting pics together for this post that I realized how many good times the apron has been responsible for in my life. It might sound silly, but launching apronology was a huge job at work that tested me and caused me to prove msyelf, push myself, learn from my mistakes, and indeed learn from the strength of many women before me. There's the banner that I made for apronology that still hangs in my office, one of the first things I crafted here. The first thing I sewed was an apron with my friend Amanda. And of course there was the Halloween contest where I dressed as an apronologist.
I also included many pictures of the apron on the runway and in fashion. Because we cant confine those lovable things to ourselves, we have to share them. Designers from Alexander McQueen to Miuccia Prada were struck by this love of the the apron whether as an accessory, shield, or garment, they used its statement making potential to infue it into one of the most publicly appreciated forums of art, fashion, to express its versatility.
And in the end, that's what I want to celebrate today, with the apron, because of the apron etc. is the versatiltiy we all possess; the passing of time and the potential to change throughout time. While many donned an apron, many later came to loathe it because it symbolized something someone deemed negative, but here we are again, needing that love and comfort that is wrapped up in the woman behind the apron, stitches of long ago, or the escape found on the runway. Or maybe you are like me, one who seeks comfort in the passing of time, whether spent making/crafting something, spending time with friends, laughing, or learning. Experience and time are great teachers. As are books, as is the Internet, as are pictures. But so is sharing. So is meditation, exercise, prayer. So is loving others and taking a chance. No matter the outcome, you can always learn something and share what you've learned in the process.

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