Friday, April 16, 2010

Made Me Think of Mila

Watched a tense episode of Project Runway last night. While I'm not sure about Mila's personality (but then again it's TV) I know for certain I love her clothes. She does black, white and mod so well. And I totally loved the houndstooth and striped patterns. I'd wear her wares in a heartbeat. I scoped out these shoes on yesterday and haven't stopped thinking on them since. They are from L.A.M.B. Gwen and Mila share many a design taste I think, which is why I gravitate towards both. I own many a L.A.M.B. piece in black and white come to think of it. Both also love colorblocking and a little rocker edge. Totally agreed with Tim when he told Mila she looks so chic all the time. Especially when wearing those leather gloves in last night's episode. When it comes to black and white the zebra print makes sense, but I have to admit I dont own any ... maybe when these babies go on sale or when Mila goes big that will all change ...

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