Friday, April 16, 2010

The Dos and the Don'ts

A big part of my job (and my day) is taking notes. I'm an avid note taker, have been since college. It's always more fun and managable to take these notes on some fun stationery. I especially love the To Don't pad ( It keeps all my vices in check ... it currently reads "Shopping" under "To Avoid." Im not going to make any promises ...
It's funny the things we put off, the people and tasks we avoid. Even as Im typing this, I realize this sentence is an afterthought. I was going to quit my post after the previous paragraph. I've been avoiding blogging lately, not because I have a block or because I don't like it, but because I have been getting fed up with myself. I feel like Im not saying anything worth anyone's while, or that I keep hitting the same notes, when really I dont mean to. I have a diversity of interests and tastes and ideas, but sometimes work gets in the way. Im sure we all have those moments. Case in point, my To Do list is full of work items. Nothing else. And yet, I oftentimes find stability in work, a comfort, a safety, a place where I am needed and my words can go without disappearing. It's a challenge and a place that can benefit from diversity of taste and endless ideas.
One of my biggest pet peeves is inefficency and these notepads definitely help me weed out those things that are just doable and those details that are urgent. As silly as it sounds this blog actually helps me stay accountable and focused, even on work. I have not been sharing a lot about my work life but I thought maybe this glimpse into my brain when it comes to my crucial notepads on my desk would offer some insight. As long as I have these lines and grids on perforated paper I am able to make the time to blog, to write, to jot down, think, tear, and move on.


  1. I want to read anything that you have to say my dear :-)
    Hope that you are okay.

  2. Glad you went with the afterthoughts. I struggle with the same issues with my blog - is it worthwhile? does it matter? - But even if it isn't important to anyone else but me, I feel compelled to create a blog. You have an important point of view. I love your style and fashion posts! Gotta go catch up with Project Runway now!