Thursday, April 29, 2010

dolls, divas, and drinks

So glad I found this art from What a talented artist! I love how she reminds us to create our own happiness. And since Im in the business of creating, it just makes sense to be cheery. Thanks for everyone's words yesterday. I indeed felt better as the day progressed and that has carried over. I think partially because I returned to the gym too after a brief absence. Endorphins do help!
One of the kindest compliments I've received on my blog was from artist CandyRosenberg. You'll know her name soon enough as she's about to make her debut in HOME. I met this sweet lady at CHA and in talking since she told me she liked my blog not necessarily because of the fashion, but because it celebrated the female form. I think that observation is so flattering and true. I had never thought of it. But now that she mentioned it, Im glad that's what this space has become. I hope to explore that concept more in future posts. Thanks to Candy and Suzanne Millius (artist who created the above work) for doing what they love and making others happy in the process.

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