Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Art of Gratitude

Yesterday my day was made when Gaea (http://www.gaeabeads.blogspot.com/, http://www.gaea.cc/) sent in some items for the next Jewelry Affaire (5/15/10 deadline) and with it sent this absolutely gorgeous necklace with her signature beads.

Recently I got this card from Lindsay Mason (http://www.lindsaymasoncouture.com/) and this card with all the bling on front from Natasha Burns (http://www.natashaburns.blogspot.com/).

I remember growing up, my family harped on the value of thank you cards, and at times it got annoying. But Im so glad they did, because I truly learned the art of gratitude. A Thank You e-mail from an artist is most welcome and appreciated, but when I get lovely cards on actual paper, showcasing an artist's talent (Lindsay's sketching, Natasha's photography) I become enamored. Definitely one of the best parts of my job.

Sometimes it seems so odd to me when people like Gaea send me beauties to keep. They thank me, when really it's me who should be thanking them. You see, I have been a fan of Gaea's literally since I started this job. I was assisting other editors and stumbled on Gaea's work. I've admired her ever since. Definitely a starstruck moment when I get things from her for my magazines. I love bling, but her beadwork is full of color, shape, youth, symbolism, and when worn it makes everything look fresh and alive. And I'm not a skull person either, but her Day of the Dead jewelry is my hands-down favorite. Everyone needs to own a piece. I love it when artists have a signature style and yet can keep reinventing it. That's Gaea. Her work is so recognizable, but it is never repetitive. The subtleties of her colors and designs and the way they are played off each other is genius. I cant even begin to tell you about the multistrand necklace she submitted that I'm drooling over (and will be glorified in Jewelry Affaire) ... Gaea, I'm so so smitten with this necklace. My many thanks to you. Please accept this blog post as the ultimate thank you card/fan letter.


  1. Aw shucks! As grandma used to say... "Wear it in good health, dear!"

  2. Oh! Beautiful cards! Lucky girl!

  3. Gaea is great! I love the skulls too!

  4. Thank you for reminding me to do this! Sometimes it's easy to forget how much joy a simple heartfelt thank you can bring someone else.