Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Cat's Meow

I was at Miu Miu on Sunday and picked up (not bought, just literally picked up and held in my hand) this playful cat clutch. It's so fun. The salesgirl informed me that they do the same print on clogs. Now I am not a clog person, but I am a cat lady. These shoes are purrfect! It's funny to me that they chose the cat image. I had seen the swallows in Prada's recent campaigns and being in the crafting world, let me tell you, birds have been in for a while and will probably be an art trend that is here to stay. For some reason I love the swallow print on the Mary Janes. It looks so vintage. Does that ever happen to you? You like something and have no idea why? Its not just me because these shoes have sold out (at www.netaporter.com). But you can definitely make your own variations on these meow-worthy trends, as blogger Cocorosa did (www.mypreciousconfessions.blogspot.com). She DIYd these swallow tights that I love love love. I've written to her about Altered Couture and I think you should all send her a comment chiming in too. It's for the greater Altered good.

1 comment:

  1. I am a clog person and Not a cat lady.
    Even have a pair of clogs I hand painted...a bird on one and a rose on the other...LOL