Monday, April 5, 2010

Overly Eggcited

Easter carries many a tradition in our family. The norm in our culture seems to aim towards the egg dyeing ritual. Of course, the symbolism of the egg is a loaded one, conjuring themes of rebirth, renewal, and the esence of spring. Whether this is one of your traditions or not, egg dyeing is good clean fun and a chance to display some artistry. While eggs and bunnies are not what Easter is about for me, it's always fun to play with your food.

Im proud to say that my sister is a true Marth Stewart fan. She got the idea to do these cool preppy looking patterns on our eggs from Martha's site (
I have to say I definitely feel renewed after spending some quality time with my family. It's amazing what holiday spirit and good food can accomplish. Couture-worthy Easter eggs are definitely the icing on the cake, reminding me of those traditions I grew up with, and how easy it is to make something special with just a little attention to detail (or in this case, tape). The color scheme of pink and green is one of my favorite, and my sister placing those eggs in my gift bag, along with an all pink egg (my favorite color) with a heart drawn on reminds me of how well my family really does know me. Makes me feel eggstra special.

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  1. Love the eggs! They are all so pretty! I am so glad you got to spend time with your family and are now feeling refreshed and recharged. I'm just glad it's over since that means no more jelly beans! I tried really hard this year and I think I only ate about 10 pounds! Last year, I ate about 27 pounds, so I did better. I'm safe for another year!