Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I Bought Today (or Friday)

So, I think I may have a new addiction on my hands. And it was only a matter of time before this one reaered its ugly head. After all, my mom and my grandma both have the same problem: antiquing.
Yes, it was inevitable, as it is in my blood. This past Friday at the barn crawl (I call it this because there were 5 barn sales full of antiques and you jump from one to another, you know, like a pub crawl) I stumbled across these plates at Pat's Barn. $2 a pop. They have French pictures and words, and cherries! I love them. Our house is decorated with these French posters so they will blend perfectly. Not sure if they should be hung or used though. Or perhaps gifted? I do know a lot of people getting married ... what do you think?
I can feel it in my bones, this is only the first of many purchases when it comes to antiques. Im sure I will be a junkie by 30. Until the next pruchase ...


  1. Love them...Hang them in a vertical row or a horizontal. I adore entire collections of plates, platters, mirrors hung unified on one wall. If you don't have enough to do a large grouping, they look great above a door, almost like a pediment.

    Great to see you last weekend Beth, hope you love your bracelet. Thanks so much!


  2. I love these plates. I hung my plates in a row on an overhang in my kitchen. Really pretty!