Monday, March 8, 2010

Fashion Heritage

Do you ever not feel like blogging? Well, actually, let me re-phrase. I've felt like blogging, but I've been unable to, as I havent been feeling well the last few days.
My spirits can usually be lifted by shopping and friends. On Friday I attended a 70s disco themed birthday party. It was wild. And while most people dressed like Saturday Night Fever, I knew straight away I was opting for 7os glam via one of my favorite favorite designers, Halston. I looked very Cher, with pin striaght hair, a long, black asymetrical dress and high high wooden wedges (i still have the blister to prove it). I stacked lots o' vintage bangles and cuffs on my arm, a cocktail ring and was ready to go. And yes, I piled on the glitter.
While Halston is perfect in my opinion, they are very very out of my budget. Their newer, contemporary line Halston Heritage is more affordable, and will probably be more so when sale season starts. I love the asymetrical white sleeve dress on the Saks ad on the bottom. I also love the orange ruffled, asymetric dress. No wonder this line is so stylish, as one of the masterminds behind it is none other than SJP who wears a couple of these frocks in the upcoming SATC 2. What's your fashion heritage?


  1. I love the orange ruffled dress too! And I also have blisters from these shoes I just bought but it was worth it, next time if wearing them with jeans I thought I may just put bandaids where they rub !

  2. I looooove the white one! It's perfect for a beachside brunch. I love SJP too she's fabulous!

  3. I'm a thrift store baby! Anything I can find that is fashionable for a buck or two is my thang! I love the Orange dress and I'm DIEING to see SATC 2!!

  4. Where the picture of you in your dress?

  5. I so would love to see your final dress up look! Love that free, floaty green number. Makes me smile.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. yes please! let's see your SNF look! Bet you were darling!

  7. Hi Beth,
    I wear very Italian clothes! Last summer I had to buy a whole new wardrobe after I lost 34 lbs and 3 sizes, and lucky me, I found VERY stilish and top- quality clothes and shoes for a song!! Seriously. My friends always want to come shopping with me;)) Among them, a very pretty blouse with asymmetrical sleeves, white, red and black. TDF!
    I bet you'd like what I bought!!
    Love, absolutely LOVE the white dress in the second pic.

  8. My fashion style is whatever I want it to be...and I agree with Gaea. A La "Le Good Will".
    I pick up Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Liz & more frocks all of the time...LOVE it! My newest fetish is white...winter white, cream, cotton, eyelette...stocking up on white.

    Please share pics of your 70's party, we would LOVE to see it as unlike you, I was alive in that era!


  9. Thanks. I would love to share pictures, but I dont have any at the moment. I have to wait for my friends to email them to me. I was busy taking pictures of everyone else. Excuses, excuses, I know.