Monday, March 22, 2010

Barn Crawl

On Friday I attended Chateau des Fleurs in Fallbrook. Being a newbie to the Fallbrook area, I didn't quite know what to expect. Luckily, I met up with many friends while there. Waiting to greet me was this mirror with a quote from Sofia Loren. I've made some mistakes lately, and though Im not proud of them, I would argue that they have bettered me, though Im not sure they've made my life "fuller" but maybe more meaningful, they've affirmed my faith in things greater than me.

Among the familiar faces was Lisa Loria ( Lisa said something very interesting. She noted that she loves white (as indeed most everyone did at this event, as it was marked with white tents and creamy designs), but she really enjoys playing with color. Lisa's booth always stands out as the most colorful. Her jewelry is like candy.

Tricia Samsal ( was also on hand. Check out her cool bottles. I love her blog, as her photography is blissful. We share in the allure of pink.

Rita Reade ( showed off her new bubbles and baubles. I love how Rita utilizes dress forms.
Gina Balourdas ( is doing some really cool things with jewelry. It's always fun to see her. If you want something absolutely unique you need to see her. I love the things she does with silverware. Im noticing a major trend in the jewelry world involving found silverware. You'll definitely want to snap some up.

But the main attraction was Christie Repasy ( whose studio and floral art graced the marketplace. Her taste is infectious. I love the draping of jewelry over teapots in her studio. My cup of tea.


  1. 我在戀愛著?--------是的,因為我在等待著..................................................

  2. Beth, thank you for sharing all of the great pictures!!! I enjoyed being able to enlarge wouldn't, the mannequin with all the gathered necklaces on it....for my eyes, it sure helped being able to enlarge them. This looked like a "wonderland" dream to behold such beauty and fun!!!

    thanks....blessings, debbie