Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Place

I almost titled this post "Certifiable Proof That I am Crazy" because most people's jaws drop when they see my closet.
When things aren't going well it's always good to visit and re-visit those places that make us happy. For me that's definitely my closet. It's my safe haven. Nothing can harm me there, except for maybe addition (totaling up the money spent to fill said closet). But Im quite proud of my work as the dresser and train case are antiques. They are paired with props acquired from other contemporary retailers and my clothing, shoe, bag, and accessories collection that Im quite proud of. This space is definitely the favorite in my home. It reminds me how lucky I am and sparks my creativity. Audrey watches over me too, to make sure I dont make the wrong fashion choices.
Clothes are ordered as such: color, then season. Shoes are ordered by type (for example, heels, wedges, ballet flats etc.). Bags are grouped by type also ( totes together, clutches together etc.). I actually just completed spring cleaning, which means taking inventory, re color grouping and donating or eBaying those things I no longer wear. Such a healthy practice, as it causes one to re-evaluate their options, money, and tests you to wear your clothes in new ways. Of course, this is also a good order of business when it comes to determining which items get a makeover of the Altered Couture variety (more on that later). My living situation may be changing :( so I wanted to post this now before I begin stowing cardigans in my oven.
Where are you happiest?

1 comment:

  1. I laughed when I read your words,
    "I almost titled this post "Certifiable Proof That I am Crazy"
    especially since you have seen my home, my world, my happy place.
    And on that subject,
    in my world this is called a dressing room !
    I LoVe IT