Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Barn

You can take the girl out of the barn, but you cant take the barn out of the girl. At least thats what I learned this weekend at the grand (and I mean grand) opening of Linda Carpenter's Urban Barn (

Linda unveiled her new space, which fills an old mechanics shop and is HUGE, overflowing with treats for the eye and gifts for everyone you know. Rarities and finds bedazzle, along with pink lemonade and biscotti to tempt you. This new place has room for classes and a back area where even more vendors can set up shop. Heavenly. The doors open wide at 10 a.m. and will be open Wednesday through Saturday. It definitely retains the barn feel while incorporating urban chic and Linda's warmth into every corner. Bravo to Linda, who is truly one of the kindest and most deserving people I've met.

A definite trend I am picking up on is the jewelry box. Check out all of the fabulous lovelies on display. Im thinking beautified jewelry boxes should be sent in to Jewelry Affaire by 5/15/10 for our next issue. Perhaps a cool new segment in the works ...

Speaking of Jewelry Affaire, I notice someone brought their copy and displayed it with their "glam" jewels.

And yes, I bought something (to be posted on later) but the purchase I was eyeing was Sandra Finn's ( ) new trailer. How freakin' cool is that? The interior is pink, has a chandelier, and a fridge. Im totally jeaous! Good buy, Sandra, talk about an investment piece.

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  1. I picked up the premiere issue of Jewelry Affaire today and wanted to say Congratulations on such BEAUTIFUL and inspiring magazine! I am enjoying each and every page.
    I started a collection this past year of vintage jewelry boxes... just love them too.
    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pictures...Urban Barn seems like just my kind of place! :-)