Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Yesterday's post was about an escape I frequent, reading. But today I'm in less of a pensive mood and want to escape to a place of definite indulgence and whimsy, to Out of the Blue's DIY Mermaid Mercantile. Shopping and art galore! What a dream of a day, and the weather was picture perfect.

I met up with Lisa Loria (http://www.vintagebling4u.blogspot.com/). If you know Lisa then you know of her affinity for dress forms and painting . But she is a fabulous jewelry maker! While it's not financially sound to love the entirety of a jeweler's collection, it really is a good thing. I love every single one of Lisa's pieces. They are all so vintage and sweet. The color palette is bright and happy, which is what I love, and she mixes in beads, rhinestones, sterling silver, and found items. Anything she makes I love which is why Im so eager to show off her stuff in the next Jewelry Affaire. You cant go wrong with anything from her.

Then there's adorable Tricia Samsal (http://vintagebliss.typepad.com/) who produces her own magazine, Blissfully Traveled and shares a love of vintage and teaching. Check out the beautiful blue cameo ring. Why didnt I buy it??? And those beautiful cameo portraits of the ladies are against poetry pages. Actual pages from books of classic poetry. I swoon.

Linda Carpenter's jewelry was phenomenal (http://www.lamaisonrustique.typepad.com/). Do you see the aqua green/Tiffany blue wonders going on?! I had to buy. Hopefully there will be more at a future sale because I cant stop thinking about the bracelet (I opted for earrings).

Deb Hodge (http://www.breathingbesideus.blogspot.com/) is always a main event at one of these markets. I love seeing what she's come up with. Check out the gorgeous chandelier top. I crave. But then there's the seat cover, I want by Tamerie Shriver (http://www.alittleofthisthatandtheother.blogspot.com). I love the chandelier print, which Deb says is an actual 19th century print. Love it.

Rita Reade (http://mammabellarte.blogspot.com/) was teaching soldering. Her divine jewelry will be debuting in Jewelry Affaire. I love how she layers and pins everything so perfectly with intent and precision on her dress form.

Pamela Small (http://www.mycountryfields.com/) shared her love of aprons with the crowds. The picture of the beach bunny on those pillows is actually Pamela on the beach (only a few short years ago). And you'll never guess what she gave me. The very pink, very cute Cupcake Girl crown in the picture is now all mine. I keep it in my office. I definitely have a weakness for cupcakes ... and all baked goods for that matter ... and the color pink ... and crowns.

Rachel Luna brought her aunt Yvonne to the market to sell her confections alongside Rachel's equaly yummy vintage re-creations. Rachel will be coming very soon to Altered Couture. But aunt Yvonne's chocolate ... chocolate covered oreos and spoonfulls of chocolate to stir into your coffee (sipped out of an Audrey Hepburn mug of course) is heaven on earth. The popcorn she makes is white chocolate popcorn. Can you imagine?
Speaking of chocolate, the best buy in terms of caffeine was made from Claire's, where I enjoyed a decadent Dark Chocolate Ganache Mocha. They have hot chocolate too but you know how seriously I take my coffee. So at the end of the day I bought some jewelry and chocolate. All necessities right?

Oh and of course lunch at Claire's with my very best friends who lovingly accompanied me to the Mercantile. Did you see Alexis's owl ring? It's Juicy Couture and it looks pure 70s. Isnt it great when your friends have fantastic style?

It's rare when I can look back and say "That day was flawless." But Sunday was truly one of those days. How lucky am I to live where it's sunny, 70 degrees, clear, and blue in February? How lucky am I to know the most talented and warm artists in the business and call them friends? To be crowned Cucpake Girl with a pink tiara and hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played on guitar while taking in gems and chocolate on the beach ... the perfect day indeed.


  1. Your pics are Favoloso, I will send my bloguettes over. Thank you so much for been there. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. You are a poet.
    I just Love your writing...and you.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and compliments.
    Much Love,

  3. Oh my goodness! You are so lucky to live where you do and be able to go to great places like that! I would so be there! There isn't anything like that here! I must live in the wrong state!

  4. Hi Beth

    Thank you for the mention! I am so glad you like my chandelier slipcovers. I couldn't have done it without Deb. As you know, it's her image and she's the one who told me to make the slipcovers in the first place! Most all of the work I do is custom, so being able to make a cover that will fit any folding chair is a new experience. Anyway, I look forward to meeting you in person one day very soon.
    Debbie speaks very highly of you.


  5. Beth, what a fantastic day. I live vicarously through you and your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share your passions with us!

    Candy Rosenberg