Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pinch Me

I know I know, St. patrick's Day is over. I didnt post. So pinch me.

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be "lucky" lately. I have my health, I have my friends (who truly are the most amazing people in the world), I have a job, and I was born into the greatest family ever.

And yet some things can still get me down. I spend a lot of time being very happy and being thankful. So it irks me when things get to me and weigh on me. By nature, I am just a worrier, and I am very hard on myself. Im my own worst critic, as Im sure many of you are. It's at times like this that I need to remember how lucky I truly am. Its always in the back of my mind, but sometimes it just needs to be moved front and center.

The thing is, I dont believe in luck really. I dont believe in coincidence. There is fate. There is divine intervention. These are the only things that exist. You are where you are supposed to be. I am not lucky, but I am a hardworker; I am not rich, but I believe in sharing what I can with others and giving gifts to show my gratitude. I am not famous, but I do try to make a first impression that is lasting and positive, as people will idenityf me to others in such a way. I am not the best at everything, but that allows for me to identify where I need to grow, and what I need to improve on. I have not achieved all the things I want to do yet, but that gives me something to work towards.

When I feel "unlucky" I remedy by: running (I am grateful to have legs and be in good health), re-organize my closet (so that I am reminded of the beautiful investments I've made throughout the years while cleaning and donating the things I dont need), do something for someone else (because I could have it a lot worse, and nothing should ever impair our ability to give to others), go out (to remind myself of the magnitude of the world, and how small a part of it I am), and laslty, I throw myself into my work. My work is safe to me. It's a world where I am in control, and I can write, and am blessed to know this other world of people who are as passionate about art as I am about writing and editing a magazine.

And then it becomes clear: I oughta be pinched, I have it so good. It's not perfect and it's not luck, but nothing is anyway.

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  1. Hello Beth,
    I'm a TOTAL beginner at any type of blogging and new to your blog too. I just found the comment section on your page so I've decided to introduce myself.. My name is Lindalou, I started creating jewelry about 5 years ago.. and love viewing you posts. I'm enjoying lots of these fashion posts.. reading what people say and the inspiration i get on more than one level, "Pinch Me" for example, nice...
    I became a follower of Couture Over Coffee. I think I messed up my google profile and for some reason I can not get to my blog from there..even after an edit??? A learning curve for sure.
    Can I subscribe to you magazine ~ Jewelry Affaire ~ and congratulations on it's debut
    Have a look at some of my creations at: http://lindaloufunstuff.blogspot.conm/
    That saying is true... "It's all about networking"... Your mother became a fan of my epie designs page on FB as she is a friend of a friend.. I just love this small world.

  2. oops. sorry, thats,
    I'll blame it on being a newbe.:)
    ♥ Lindalou

  3. Beautiful Beth,
    You are such a blessing in my life, as well as others.
    I hear your words, I understand your words.
    I wish that I had this amazing comprehention when I was a young mother at 25 years old.

    I share your thoughts, mirror them really.
    I think that you are a brilliant soul.
    I love you a lot.
    XOXO Deb

  4. Thanks so much ladies! Linda, you can go to to get a copy. I will look at your jewelry very soon. The next deadline is 5/15/10. Please send us your things!

  5. Totally missed this on until today. Thanks so much Beth. I love finding my pieces her on your lovely blog, and I LOVE the whatheloves sketch of that flirty green dress!

    Cheers- Faro

  6. A little belated, but thanks so much for featuring my earrings!