Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crumbs on Rodeo

On Sunday I went to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Dont ask why. Well, I was actually with friends, so Im blaming them. Their idea. I know what you're thinking ... Beth went to shop and buy and spend.

Im so proud to say I didnt. I wanted to. I even tried a few things on. But in light of recent financial surprises, I had to resist. Believe me, not easy. We went to Juicy, where I love the teacup display. I even wore my new Juicy flats. They are literally he most comfortable flats I own. Then we went to Chanel and Prada. I love how Prada's displays begin outside the store.
And since we were already in the neighborhood, I suggested we stop by my favorite Rodeo locale that is affordable and every bit as much of a luxury: Crumbs Bake Shop ( Hands down, the best cucpake I've ever had. And mind you, I live next to Sprinkles. Heavenly. Affordable (so I bought 2). Irresistable. I had a chocolate pecan for dessert and a peanut butter cup for breakfast. They also make cakes, coffees, and brownies. While I had a brownie there last time, the cucpakes are far superior. If I lived closer I would have tried them all already. But luckily, thankfully, the closest one is in Rodeo. Are you drooling yet? Over the cupcakes or my shoes?

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