Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rainbow Brite

One of the best things about having an iphone is having Instagram. I am totally addicted! You can also view photos on Webstagram.

As I have stated before, I love color. It makes me so happy that everyone is wearing tons of color for spring and summer. So these rainbow instagram pictures totally caught my eye and I had to share. I urge you to follow them along on the 'grams: laughs_4_girls and girls_zone. **You can find me on instagram under shmeth.**

Feeling boldly inspired by these bright beauties, I picked up a couple of colorful pieces over the weekend. I got these light blue stunning shoes and this great tribal print rainbow dress from the great Target. Although it's cold out right now, I wanted to pop my work outfit yesterday so I grabbed these purple and rainbow jeweled heels to wear with my velvet pants. These shoes are by a brand called Ragazza and I got them at Bloomingdales a couple of years ago. This just goes to show, you dont have to pair every color in the rainbow together to have fun with this trend. A basic black or black & white outfit will look so much more contemporary with a pop of color in one accessory.

Cheers to a colorful day!Link


  1. Love all the color Beth! My girls and recently made those beautiful rainbow cupcakes and they a were both a dream to look at, and to munch on! Stop in to the NEW BLOG...posting new things all of the time!
    Take care and hope to chat soon,

  2. You make me so envious! I love to dress up, but rarely get the chance. Back when I started me career, I was a fashion writer...the fashion director would faint now if she saw me (I live in "activewear.") What's a girl to do except live vicariously through you!?!