Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love Lucille

My friend Jeanne gifted me with this super cute Lucille clutch from her online store. Her things are all so lovely, you need to check it out. The flower pin is detachable too and can be worn in the hair : )

Jeanne also included some adorable business cards and verse from Oscar Wilde. Since I'm wild about Oscar I began today with some reading. It brought back my knowledge of Greek mythology, being in the Importance of Being Earnest (our high school play), and seeing Oscar Wilde's grave up close in Paris - one of the most moving experiences in my life. I say that because Oscar's tombstone actually has been written on by loving fans. It's blocked off now, so you can get close but not close enough to touch it.

Thank you Jeanne for letting me touch your gorgeous work and reminding me to touch base with some wonderful memories of a wonderful man who produced such passionate work. When we allow passion to play out through our hands, great things can occur.

"Lie still, lie still, O passionate heart,
lie still!"
- Wilde, The Burden of Itys


  1. Aha! Oscar Wilde and I are both alumni of Trinity College Dublin. Have you read his "Ballad of Reading Gaol"?
    Most of all I love what he said when he arrived in New York: "I have nothing to declare but my genius".
    That Oscar.


  2. Lovely post!

    Jeanne's clutch is DARLING (especially the detachable hair pin!)

    I'm also an Oscar fan. My favorite quote?
    "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something SENSATIONAL to read in the train" - Oscar Wilde
    That Oscar, indeed :)