Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leap for Joy

A week ago we packed up and headed out for a long anticipated vacation to Temecula wine country. My boyfriend had won the trip, which included a stay at the Temecula Creek Inn and limo service to three wineries! Boy, is it better to do wine tasting when a limo is carting you around! The three wineries we stopped at were: Wiens, Keyways, and Leoness. It was my first time to all except for Keyways (where they sell amazing jewelry!). Tuesday we also stopped by Masia de Yabar, where they had a glowing fire in the fireplace. I highly recommend each.

Making the trip more meaningful was the fact that we spent Leap Year Day on this amazing vacation. February 29th happens to be my boyfriend's birthday, and since he doesn't get one every year like everyone else, it had to be special ... and it was.


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