Monday, March 26, 2012

Home is ...

One of the magazines I oversee, Somerset HOME, has always brought me great joy. I love seeing the pictures of artfully arranged homes and the work of so many great artisans going into this magazine.

But I am human. And sometimes I need to take a step back to gain perspective and inspiration, especially when it comes to the direction of a magazine. My friend Paulette says, "Perspective is everything." And now that I look back on our day Friday, she is of course, right.

On Friday, Paulette and I went out to Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach to see what was going on in the world of home decor and gardening. I got many a good idea. Currently, people seem to be reinventing the lamp (playing with form instead of decor). Other cool projects included kraft paper decoupaged chairs, and lots of white and clear crystal with bright colored flowers for spring.

After a fantastic lunch at Tommy Bahamas and a Sprinkles cupcake, we headed back home to Tuvalu in Laguna Beach. Tuvalu showed great pieces playing with driftwood, a wine bottle chandelier, and this book banner I love. Then it was off to a new store, Jack Thomas that everyone must check out. The birdcage chandelier stopped me in my tracks.
Just being in Laguna, my backyard, was the perfect end to an inspiring day. I was reminded again how lucky we are to live where we do and how kind people can be.

So I got to thinking. Home is more than a place, a space, or even a magazine. Home is more than the city in which you live, the spaces you frequent, where your neighbors are. Home is not only where the heart is. Home is where you become inspired.

Thanks Paulette for helping the creative process flow.
Hope this week helps you feel inspired!


  1. Cool bottle chandelier. Love your description of "home", Beth.

  2. Beth, I smiled as I viewed your photos... I was just there at Tuvalu and Rogers' Gardens, and was as inspired as you! I love finding places that 'fill the creative well' - and Laguna has a wealth of them!