Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I Bought Today: Animal Prints & Long Dresses

I have always loved animal prints. Maybe because I love animals??? I think they are fierce, bold, and just kind of bad ass. I havent always loved long dresses, but I'm getting more and more infatuated (especially just coming out of the summer months). Maxi dresses and kaftans are easy, can be dressed up (with high heels) or down (with sandals). Plus, I love how RZ wears a long, flowy dress. This piece from H&M reminded me of her. It's a kaftan shape with a nice dip in the back. And animal print! Had to scoop it up ($39.99) even though I am not really an H&M shopper. I figure every once in a while it's OK to mix up your resources. I have to say I am pretty impressed with what I saw in the H&M. There's a lot of great staples for the season, work wear, trendy items, and really cute things inspired by runway items. Maybe I'll go in there more often ... although my wallet is advising me against it. I wore the dress out right away and was instantly inspired to paint my nails. The color is Ruby Begonia. Matches purrrfectly.


  1. What a great dress! The print is great, but also love the neckline!

  2. Love these prints too, especially on fur! I own a faux leopard coat, fur scarf and hat, and a few printed t-shirts. Your dress is divine, will you show us how it looks like on you??;)