Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Shoe Obsession

When we see something we like we tend to mull it over and over in our minds. I definitely have a tendancy towards obsessing over things I really like. In fact, I am afraid I might come off too obsessive when meeting artists I am genuinely a huge fan of. When I see something I like in a store or magazine I think about it often enough to keep a still frame in my mind; you know, for the shopping hunt. I spied these Miu Miu shoes in Elle magazine and was struck. They are satin clog style, with flower, swallow print, or plain with jewels encrusted galore. They come in a few colors and run about $1495. Yikes! For now, they will have to remain in my head. I found some knock-offs on ebay, but they are overseas which makes me nervous to buy. I hope one day to find these shoes at an outlet, on consignment, ebay, somewhere, but until then it is fun to just stand back and admire them. A good obsession is one that refreshes your creative juices, gives you something left wanting, something to aspire to. These are definitely a fun pair to fantasize about; candy for the feet, mind, and eye. I included the pictures of the shoes in yellow as they ran in Elle. While the shoes are my main focus, the spread really is beautiful and has given me lots of ideas for how to wear these goodies when and if I get my hands on them; and how to make due with my current shoe wardrobe until that glamorous day. Enjoy : )

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