Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, Monday

"A case of the Mondays" is one of my favorite quotes from a movie (Office Space). It so aptly describes the feelings many of us associate with going back to work after the weekend; because after all, nothing is as good as sleeping in, roaming around in your PJs, not adhering to a strict schedule, and having a bit of fun until the wee morning hours.
But the truth is, I actually don't despise Mondays. I look at it as a return to normalcy after the chaos that is the weekend. Mondays are safe; routine, and they go by really fast (usually because I am catching up on e-mails all day). Don't get me wrong: I do have THOSE Mondays, but in general, I feel I am a pretty happy beginning of the week person because I am relaxed and refreshed.
But today was a real treat. I came to work and found myself engulfed in apron season. It's the time of the year when apronology submissions come in (you still have until 9/24/10 by the way). My heart warms when I see onslaughts of aprons and their attached stories (this only happens once a year, after all). Some amazing pieces have been coming in and today I was ever so happy to receive submissions from Kim ( Kim is an apronology veteran and an outstanding sewer of all sorts. I always love her creativity and how she plays with color, fabric, and the unexpected. Kim ever so kindly passed along this vintage apron to me. I am completely in love with it. Thank you Kim!
To sweeten the deal, JoAnn Doxakis ( also stopped by today to pick up her Jewelry Affaire gems. I handed over her jewels and she handed over these cupcakes from one of my favorite cupcakeries, Frostings ( Meet Mocha Joe and Red Velvet. I already ate Mocha Joe, and would have finished off the Red Velvet but I thought I had better show some restraint before going into a sugar coma. Frostings has delicious cake pops and coffee too. I think they even have a birthday kit so you can frost your own cupcake. If you are in Lake Forest you should definitely check it out. Thanks JoAnn, you sure know the way to my heart!
To see and buy some of JoAnn's work, you will want to head out to Glitterfest ( on October 2. If you go, I will definitely be seeing you there. Thanks to Kim and JoAnn for putting the icing on my Monday! I recommend next time you are having a mediocre Monday, buy a cupcake. Or better yet, put on an apron and bake some. And hey, there's always Tuesday.
Happy Monday everyone : )


  1. Beth,
    Glad I could sweeten your Monday! ;)
    Have a good week.
    See ya soon.
    p.s. LOVE the shoes! What a sweet deal (no pun)

  2. I can't wait for the next issue of Apronology to see all the creative beauties everyone submitted. I mailed mine and have my fingers crossed ;-) I love the vintage apron, so pretty! Lucky gal.

    Have a wonderful day Beth!

    Janet xox

  3. I say show no restraint and go for the sugar rush! Cupcakes RULE! No better way to start the day! See you at Glitterfest!

  4. I'd like to savor one of those cupcakes! You won't believe I NEVER had one ;))) Beautiful, beautiful apron.