Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Statement T-Shirt

Part two of the Labor Day shopathon. While at Saks' going out of business sale I scored this very Chanel-esque necklace shirt by Alice + Olivia. The white is very breathable, and the neckline is encrusted with pearls. The necklaces are all attached to the shirt too. So there's no need to further accessorize the neck. Love it! It's funny how the statement necklace turned into the statement T-shirt. Check out the above designs by Haute Hippie (though their necklaces usually detach from the shirts), Lanvin, and Balmain. We actually featured a necklace T-shirt that you could DIY in the summer issue of Altered Couture. A T-shirt that says something without writing on the front? Now, we're talking...
Oh and this beauty will look good beneath a blazer or coat. For example this military-inspired coat by Juicy Couture. Got it on Labor Day at Bloomingdales for ..... $40!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??? Originally it's priced at over $300. So whether you are making your own T-shirt or making a statement with your ensemble, make a smart one.
By the way, the neckpiece at the top is also by Haute Hippie and can be found at It's not quite a necklace, but I like the idea of how it can be worn with a T-shirt or under a military style coat to give the illusion of ruffles at the neckline. You could easily alter your own too, right? Necklines don't have to be plunging to get attention. Remember, by adding some sparkle at the neck, it will bring attention upwards to your face, and just plain brighten your day - much like a good bargain : )

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  1. Congrats on your coat score! It's the perfect match to your more sweet looking necklace...mixing things up gives it a fun freshness.