Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fruits of my Labors

Yesterday was Labor Day and I was committed to not shopping. I have weddings galore in the near future, after all. Oh yeah, and then there's Christmas. It was a day merely inteded to stroll around and gain inspiration from windows. Maybe I'd buy a coffee or something.

But as destiny would have it, yesterday ended up being perhaps, dare I say it - the BEST shopping day in history. I really think it was. I mean I have been bargain hunting for years, and nothing compares to the deals I scored. Hard work paying off (without paying much). So I have several posts about these steals to come, but I had to share the best deal first. Prepare to be jealous.

My local Saks Fifth Avenue (the Shops at Mission Viejo) is closing. I was pretty sad when I saw the signs, but then reality set in: ALL ITEMS MUST GO. I began hunting with a ferocity I didnt know existed. And there were police officers everywhere too. Women were going mad, scooping things up. When low and behold, these beauties were unearthed in the shoe aisle: Brian Atwood mango pumps. They were a size 9 (im an 8) so I was skeptical, but as I slipped these uber platforms on I realized it was instant love. And in my favorite color too. Can you believe it, I didnt have a pair of pink pumps until this moment. Originally these shoes retail for $1,000 but I bought them for .............


Perhaps the best buy EVER!

It would have been a complete and utter sin to not have pruchased these. How often can anyone 'afford' Brian Atwoods? These shoes are ridiculously fun and tall. So hot! Im in love. And the leather is so buttery. Check out the gold running up and down the heel. I have never been more sure of a purchase. And the best part: the size 9 actually fits comfortably (an 8 probably would have been too snug).

Buying these shoes was a dream come true, but I love love love the bag as well. All of the above scenes are from the bag, making it a tad bit sadder that this store is closing. How funny art and life imitating each other: The people on the bag are window shopping, which is what I intended, but instead I wound up with a full shopping bag.

If you are in the area, definitely check out Saks ... you never know what deals you might find.


  1. Ok Beth...those shoes are divine with a capitol D !! Love the gold accent and the height is so sexy. I can just see them paired with a sexy black toile baby doll dress...YIKES!!
    Happy you enjoyed yourself this Labor Day ;-)

    Janet xox

  2. Great find, B. Bet they feel great on. J