Monday, September 20, 2010

Castle of Flowers

I couldn't have asked for a better day to drive down to Fallbrook for Chateau de Fleurs. This handmade marketplace was full of vintage treasures and familiar faces. So glad I went!

Lisa Loria ( was wearing this way groovy outfit, accessorized with some Altered Couture pieces. If you see some of Lisa's stuff that you are interested in purchasing, keep in mind, she will be at Glitterfest ( on October 2nd and in the upcoming issue of Altered Couture (out Nov. 1). You may recall from Somerset Home that Lisa has an affection for chandeliers and lighting, and this gorgeous chandelier caught my eye at her booth.

One of the best things about these events is that you never know who you might run into. I was so excited to bump into Cheryl Waters ( Cheryl is a fiskateer, and just all around go-to-girl for everyone at Stampington. Cheryl can make anything, and she is probably one of the nicest people I've met while working here. Talk about a girl after my own heart, Cheryl scored some major goods at the marketplace.

One of my main reasons for attending was to visit Julie Nutting ( as she has never had a booth at an event before. Of course she did not disappoint, as she had lots of new wares featuring her glamour girls. Notebooks, embroidery, and wall hangings are among her latest collections. I picked up some major Christmas gifts from this table. She too will be at Glitterfest if you're in the area.
After corresponding with so many people all the time from my computer, it's a real treat to meet people face to face. Julie showed me some delicious fabric she purchased from Cynthia Bardeen ( Cynthia will actually be appearing in the Winter Altered Couture, so as soon as I heard the name I knew I had to go and actually meet her. She and Nicki Glade (who made the flower brooches above) are super sweet! I look forward to sharing more of their work. Cout Cynthia's site for yummy fabrics galore.
Oh and if I had a million dollars I would be purchasing this green, ruffled dress with the rosette. So many vintage finds at this place that dreamily dance in the wind as they hang.
Check out these lovely perfume paintings by the one and only Christie Repasy ( Christie was kind enough to open her home to me and show me some of her latest projects. I cant wait to begin working on next year's Somerset Home as she is cooking up greatness within her own house.
But really the icing on this wonderful day was running into birthday girl Kim Caldwell (, beautiful Holly Stinnett (, and one of my absolute favorite jewelry artists, Jamie Skolnik ( Can you believe I had never met Jamie until Saturday? So nice to finally see her in person (all decked out in her jewels too!).
My thanks to Rita Reade ( who always makes me feel at home. A great story: Rita e-mailed me about coming to the marketplace because she had a dream about me eating brownies from a jar (not far from reality). She e-mailed me to tell me about the dream and asked if I liked brownies (do I?????!!!!!). It's funny how dreams, even small and silly, can prompt us. They make us remember that person or that trait about a person we had not thought of in a while. I think Rita's dream captures me in a quite a charming light ... when I arrived at Chateau on Saturday the entire inside of the house smelled like brownies. Thanks Rita, and all the artists at this marketplace, and everyone I ran into while there ... it was a dream come true.



  1. Oh Beth! What a show, you all make it so inviting and joyful. Meeting Cheryl was a real pleasure for me too. See you at Glitterfest and let see if Dean can bake some more brownies! Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Great pictures and stories Beth! It was such a great place to many nice women and the hostiests of hosts, Christie, Rita and Dean. It was the best first show! Always great to see you Beth.

  3. oH My! Looks fabulous and you look adorable as always Beth!

  4. Hi Beth,
    It was lovely seeing you and chatting for a bit. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. I just love those gatherings... can't wait for the next one! Have a wonderful day.

  5. Oh my goodness . . . what sweet sweet words. Yo're so sweet. Beth, it was so wonderful to see you at this beautiful event. Let's definitely carpool next time friend! What sweet words. I always enjoying seeing you and your beautiful smile . . . it brightens my day always! Just sending you a big hug. You warm my heart!

  6. I love the ladies who I met for the first time and seeing ladies I know. What a beautiful day! Rita . . . I too loved meeting you. Can't wait to see you at Glitterfest. You're awesome!