Monday, September 27, 2010

Painting on the Beach

This past Saturday was possibly the best morning I've ever had spent living at Laguna Beach. It's interesting when you live somewhere for a while and think you know it, only to find out that you have never really seen it before. When you can re-imagine yourself, your surroundings, and where you are at, not only do you realize what you have been missing, but where you need to go and do in order to feel complete. And of course, those occasions can't be planned. So when I was invited to the home of Paulette Adams ( I thought it would be a fun time to meet artists and do some fun work with Julie Nutting ( But the morning exceeded all of my expectiations.
I discovered the following: adding a dash of cocoa to coffee before you brew it makes it sooo much better; Laguna Beach was a good 25 degrees cooler than the rest of southern California on Saturday; that the morning is the best time to make art, and that outside is the best place; that I enjoy painting; and that when women come together to learn from each other, anything can happen.
So check out the mermaid painting I did. Unfortunately she is a work in progress becuase I completely overbooked myself on Saturday. But honestly, I could have sat in Paulette's yard, painting all day. I will be finishing my girl up and posting pictures soon. So the most important lesson learned: I seem to be overworking myself. I am saying yes to many things and no not enough. Because when days like this come along I would have loved to have relaxed, to keep painting, to keep talking and sharing with these women. I felt safe. I felt like I was finally doing something for msyelf where I could gather my thoughts, and at the same time, forget all of my nerve-wrecking, anxious thoughts. I got lost in the absolute best way, and at the same time, found so much. When I told the group I wasn't an artist, Paulette said she knew I was. She said she could tell from what I do here on this blog. Definitely a huge compliment coming from her. While I still wouldnt call myself an artist ( I prefer writer) it's nice to know that I am willing to learn, that there are people willing to teach me, and that I enjoy learning it.
Paulette made the jar of bath salts pictured above (from an old Patron bottle). And the macaroons are courtesy of Julie, who made sure we got excellent food from the Cheese Cave in Claremont ( Thanks again Julie and Paulette! This experience was so important to me, and to share it with you made it even better. More on this topic to come...


  1. What a wonderful enriching weekend Beth!

    One of the life's truths that women seem to have a hard time realizing is that In order for us to grow happy we must give our self permission to take the time to set our souls free to soar among the the clouds. It is up to us to guard that time and not allow other things to take that time away. It takes a lot of practice and a huge amount of courage. But it is truly something only we can give to ourselves.

    Of course you are an Artist!! Definition from Answers.comartist n. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value,

    Your create with words! Be proud of your gifts and talents, of who you are, of what you have become and of what you will become.

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  2. it was a great day and yes, i think i could've stayed there all night painting! thanks for the paper goodies! i spent today going thru it all and of course started creating! your mermaid turned out darling...great color choices.

  3. Way COOL!
    Wish I could have been there.
    I have been overbooking myself too Beth, so understand.
    Take a deep breath and say "No".
    You are an artist Beth!!!
    Writers and Visual artists are practically twins.
    What the Visual Artist paints/draws/composes in color and images the Writer
    puts into words, which brings visual images to the reader internally. Both evoke emotion as well.
    See you Saturday!

  4. Dear Beth,

    It was a pleasure sharing coffee with cream and cocoa
    and having creative playtime together.

    I ditto what Pattie said so beautifully in her comment above !