Friday, September 24, 2010

Treasures from le Chateau

A glimpse at some of the beauties I took home with me from Chateau. The lace is from Italy and is sold by Rita ( I can see many jewelry projects coming from these. Or perhaps some altered couture?
Above the lace is the wall hanging I purchased for my office by Julie Nutting ( It's hanging in front of me right now as I type this. Julie also made the cute notebook and embroidered dish towel above. I love how she's branching out. I'd love her drawings on pretty much anything!
The rest of the pieces above that are not items I purchased (yet) but they are a sampling of some of the new things she is doing that were for sale at Chateau. To get a complete idea of her current offerings, visit Aren't the trick or treaters utterly adorable?? Perfect for this time of year now that it is officially autumn (my favorite season!). I'll be seeing Julie tomorrow ... can't wait for the weekend!
Happy Friday!

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