Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unique OC

Lucky me to be asked to Unique OC by the headmaster( courtesy of Jackie ( Jackie's things are altered to a cool perfection (see her shoes, clutches, bangles, and awesome suitcase above). It's always a great day when you get to hang out at The Lab, and not to mention there was free beer, cool booths, young crafters, and even some apron lovers in the bunch (shameless apronology plug here: deadline is 9/15/10). All in all I saw and met some really cool kids. I even got to see one of my favorite Etsy seller's stuff up close and personal. Check out the fun designs from HOMAKO ( Perhaps you'll be seeing more of her in an upcoming Jewelry Affaire (shameless blog wooing here). Feel inspired? Make something unique today : )


  1. Thanks so much Beth. It was great meeting you :) Hope you can make the next show too!

    - Jackie