Friday, August 20, 2010

Art A Fair

On Tuesday I had the great pleasure of attending Art A Fair ( right here in Laguna Beach. Summer time in Laguna is amazing in regards to this community's support of the arts and local artists. I am lucky to work and live right in the thick of it all. Having attended Pageant of the Masters last year and the Sawdust Festival a few years ago, I was excited to see what this venue had to offer.
I was not let down in the least as I met several talented fine artists ranging from jewelry, wood carving, paint, doll making and sketching. I was shown around by the lovely, kind, and incredibly talented Cherie FitzSimons-Orr. Cherie will be in the upcoming Jewelry Affaire to be released October 1. The jewels in the above casings are full of her work. I suggest you head down to the Art a Fair soon as next week is the last week and Cherie's stuff is selling fast. While Art A Fair is a brilliant mixture of fine art and craft I suggest you stop by the other events too (Pageant and Sawdust) since thery are just a brief walk down the beach. It's cool to see how they vary from one another; each has their own identity, offerings of artists, and flavors of design. And they offer classes at Art a Fair so definitely pop over if you want to learn a jewelry technique or two.
I snapped up a couple pictures of some of the other booths near Cherie. Then I went out and explored the area around my favorite beach. I always think I have been everywhere around Laguna and then I find all kinds of hidden stuff. That's why I love this beach and this town. I could walk the length of it for hours (if it weren't for the cursed meters). Laguna is so crowded in the summer and things aren't open very late, but I did stumble across two designer consignment shops. I was so disappointed in myself for not knowing of these previously! Definitely will be checking them out next time (they were closed when I got there - luckily for my wallet). For those who cant get enough of the art at the festivals there are several galleries lining PCH. Some are even super modern like the one pictured above. And for all of you non-vintage junkies there are several other shops too. I didnt dare leave the beach without a quick stop at my favorite shop that was well worth the walk, Rue du Chocolate.
My many thanks to Cheri and her sweet husband for a lovely afternoon! If you are interested in a day of sun, sand, shopping, and inspiration, indulge yourself and head on down. Ill meet you at Rue du Chocolate.


  1. Thank you for posting the lovely photos and writing about Art a Fair. I used to live in Laguna and it is my favorite place on earth! I miss it very much. I used to love going to the Sawdust Festival every year too. So good to see the pics!

  2. Wow.. I wish I could have visited also. These photos are fabulous and I especially love the jewelry.. Beautiful !
    I once lived in Santa Barbara and I so miss the landscape.
    Thanks for posting this.
    I love your blog Beth......