Monday, August 9, 2010

Lost & Found

Two lessons on compliments:
1. A compliment is a kind word, or if something is complimentary, it is free. A complement
is something that completes or makes perfect. It's a matter of "i" vs "e." Sorry for the grammar lesson, but it is proofreading week here at work.
2. A compliment should be given when it is truly meant. In other words, don't just compliment to flatter. Compliment because you mean it, so that it comes off as genuine.
People pass off a lot of compliments in this line of work because magazines are constantly coming out and new artists are always getting into them and are excited. I enjoy the feeling of a magazine being done, but what is most enjoyable is hearing people's reactions. I love it when I get compliments that I am able to share with my colleagues. For example, if someone e-mails me telling me they loved the photography in our magazine, I forward the e-mail to our photographer. Because, after all, the beauty of compliments is that they can make someone's day. Even the smallest ones, from the most unexpected people, can remind us of why we do what we do, say what we say, and who we are.
I've stated here many times that I love writing. Putting together a magazine is a rush, but producing quality writing is what I hope to be remembered for. It's rare that I get an assignment to write for one of our other magazines because I am so busy working on my own. However, I penned an article in the latest GreenCraft (
I had long forgotten about this piece until I received an e-mail from one of the artists I wrote about, Nicki Lang. Nicki's wallets are beautiful in their own right ( so writing about them was a joy (especially since I love talking fashion).
But on Friday Nicki sent me the best compliment: an e-mail stating that she liked my writing. It may sound funny or odd, but I treasured these words. Receiving accolades for putting together a magazine is always wonderful, but to receive praise for something so unexpected, out of my norm, so seemingly small a task in the grand scheme of my workload, made me truly happy. The best part, was that she felt I highlighted the elements about her work that were important to her. I spend so much time searching for the right words; my colleagues spend so much time proofreading and oftentimes changing words; so the reassurance that we had all gotten it right with the artist means a job well-done, and is the biggest compliment to us all.
If you're looking to complement an outfit, Im sure you'll find Nicki's accessories are perfect for you : )
Thanks Nicki for your compliments, they made my day perfectly complete.


  1. What a an Awesome Post Beth !!! I love what you have shared ..and yes did it eloquently.

    I love reading the definition of compliment puts more meaning behind the words and the action of doing so and helps you choose your words carefully and purposefully when giving a compliment so that it's just not light and meaningless and blown away with the wind.

    I'm happy that Nicki's compliment made you smile inside and out...that's a good feeling !!!

    Blessings , Sara

  2. You have a gift; a gift with words. Your words are inspiring and uplifting.

  3. Lovely post Beth, stated excellently and elegantly. I'm interested in getting the Green craft issue just to see what you wrote:o)
    -x, Val