Monday, August 2, 2010

Today I am ...

I love my office. I love that I can keep things close by that inspire and perhaps even encourage me to work. One of my morning rituals (besides coffee) that I always manage to keep no matter how busy, is slecting my mood for the day. I always move the marker over a new Little Miss or Mr. It's kind of cathartic really. I put it all out there and it's up to me to maintain my happy mood or shape up if I am in a Little Miss Scary place. I found this version with Office characters at Target. I love it! One of my genius friends also decided to make up our own, so she actually drew out characters for me; because sometimes you just have to think outside of the Mr. Men/Little Miss pink box.
It's a funny thing, our moods. Sometimes no matter how determined we are to be Mr. Happy things can drag us down, and oftentimes (especially on Mondays for some reason) you feel bogged down and then something happens to completely lift your spirits. That's the importance/value of a day. You never know what it will bring. That's why you should never be determined to be set in your ways, but be openminded to change with an open heart. Our moods are never set in stone, but rather they are what we make up our minds to be. What are your morning/office rituals?


  1. The title of this post was very serious for me. Today I Am...deemed to be more powerful then I expected. I was compelled to write the same title with a very different post. I'm going through a very tough time in my life and after all the advice, prayer and concern, nothing moved me more then this title which I believe will change my life.

    Thank you for writing this post. It's a three word answer to prayer.


  2. So beautifully stated.... and so true, Beth. For me being mindful means to consciously open myself and to be flexible but the truly funny and wonderful thing is: it also keeps me grounded. Thank-you.

  3. Beth, well said. Your ending question made me think of my morning rituals. I've gotten into the bad habit of being Little Miss "Wake up and rush out the door in 5 minutes." It's important to wake up and reflect on what your day will be like, I don't think a lot us do that. I am going to try and be Little Miss "Early Riser" and I think this will really make my days better and less stressed. Thanks for writing about this, it brought a smile to my face. I miss the days of sharing an office with you, mate!

  4. Gigi, I couldnt have written this post or had these thoughts without your illustrations. I guess in a way, I think of you every morning : )