Friday, August 27, 2010

Hats Off to Philip Treacy

I've mentioned here several times that I love the show "Project Runway." Incredible to see the conception and construction of a garment, an outfit, a look, a collection. Last week's episode centered around a Philip Treacy challenge. I was instantly taken with this man and his designs, which are really sculptures. One of the designers said it best, "He is not a designer, but an artist." See more of his work and learn about this incredible man here: I loved how he was so soft spoken and elegant on the show; a true gent.
Truth be told, I really love hats. I rarely wear them because I always convince myself they look funny on me, but I love the look of women and men in hats. They are such an old-fashioned accessory, almost. Bringing to mind Ascot races, My Fair Lady, gentleman in top hats, and propriety. They are also something I associate with being quintessentially English. I love the English-ness of the hat and how that culture still embraces this fashion staple. The pictures above show the Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne wearing Philip's pieces. Princess Anne's is fabulous, with the leopard print on the traditionally shaped hat.
This post makes me flashback to when I was growing up. A few ladies in our church would wear hats on Sunday. I loved that so much. I remember going thrifting with my grandmother and picking up really old pillbox hats that I was too young to wear. They had netting, and I picked them up purely for the sparkle. I probably gave them away years ago, but my grandmother in all her wisdom was so gracious to indulge my eye and buy them for me at the time.
This was really such a fun post as I could look at pictures of Philip's creations for hours. I especially love seeing how clothes are paired with his pieces. I am partial to the mod, black and white hats that are large (as in Breakfast at Tiffany's). I see them worn with swimsuits or little black dresses and gloves. I also love the whispy looks with fine feathers. So whimsical! Note: the hat worn by Audrey is not a Philip Treacy, but Audrey's look is a plausible explanation for why I love the form of the hat in all its versatility so much.
Be brave and throw on a hat today. Instant glamour with vintage appeal - you cant go wrong. I think I will be seeking out some cool vintage hats next time I am out scouring. Hope this has inspired you . Consider it a fashion dare : )


  1. I watched that episode of Project Runway and Philip Treacy, I love his hats. I like all the pictures you selected of hat, especially the flower hat at the end (sorry don't remember to type of flower). So glad to see it worn with a green dress and not black!