Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back it Up

I think there is something unspokenly sexy about a woman's back. It's such a great part of the body that rarely gets thought of as the part to be shown off. And really why not? It will never be too risque or cluttered with jewelry. In fact, it is quite bare, which is why I think it deserves the spotlight in the right clothes. Think about it, a bunch of necklaces in the front and then a smooth, graceful back.

I started thinking about all this in one of my weight lifting classes. The instructor was having us do some move and they mentioned us all "wanting beautiful backs." Did we? I had never really thought about that being the part to ideally keep in shape, but I've come to the conclusion that it is absolutely true. Especially for those moments in life when you are hugged, when a loved one puts their hand on the small of your back, or when a good friend holds you close. Such an elegant feature meant for the most intimate of holding. And the back is where we pile on our burdens, carry the world, experience pain, where we show our spine, our strength, our core. Yes, more women should show off their strength and their beauty by turning their back.

I have been collecting lots of clothing items lately that show off my back in peeks and full view. I couldnt find pictures for a couple of the things I have purchased, but I did find my most recent steal: the cream cashmere sweater pictured directly above. I found it at bergdorfgoodman.com for $80, which is great considering it is work over $300 (from Bird by Juicy Couture). The back piece actually has a zipper along the hem so you can control how much back you want to bare. Very versatile. I can't wait to wear it repeatedly this fall.

Other items above: draped sweatshirt, nautical wrap shirt (where the back peeks out at the bottom), sweater (love the chiffon flowing out the back), and v-back top from Juicy Couture. Chain link shirt and sheer back dress are from Alice & Olivia. My personal favorite is this crystal backed blouse from Haute Hippie (like necklaces for your back). And the top dress with a plunging backline is the Luna Dress from Elizabeth and James.

Forget a grand entrance. Think about your exit plan, and the power of walking away ...


  1. I have always felt the back should be as pretty or interesting as the front. So people have something to look at when they turn and watch you walk away...Hugs!

  2. Loving that little black dress!! I agree, backs are sexy.
    Janet xox

  3. OMG.....just opened my mail to find one of my felted handbags is featured in Greencraft Magazine!! I had no clue..what a wonderful surprize..thank you ;-)


  4. Hi Beth,
    Loving these styles, plus, they make me want to work even harder at the gym!!
    Thanks so much for having my stuff in Somerset Home...the mag looks absolutely awesome this month!
    Happy day!