Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caulfield Couture

When I get an idea in my head that makes me excited I obsess over it. This is probably why I am good at my job, because if I see an artist I really like I fixate on their work and pretty much bug them every day until I get the actual pieces in person. Needless to say, yesterday's post really got me thinking. Since Caulfield Preparatory is a little pricey and would have to be tried on (because they are men's sizes after all), I found myself craving a look in the same vein that I could pull off. I recalled seeing a Catcher in the Rye shirt being worn by a man in a fashion magazine a few years ago. So I hit up and found the following options. I like them all and am picturing a blazer and denim skirt or pants with them. Funny how none of these shirts are women's shirts (I thought girls were more obsessed with this book than guys, but what do I know?). So I am thinking of screen printing my own or obtaining a men's small. If you happen to come across one of these shirts while thrifting or on another site please let me know! I love how a book can become fashionable ...
Speaking of menswear, I really would encourage altered enthusiasts to alter up some men's clothes. I don't receive many submissions in that category, and it would be nice to make the magazine more accessable for everyone. Just a thought.
Happy reading!


  1. I will add this to my list of what to look for at the thrift stores Beth and let you know if I find one!

  2. Thanks Janis! I went thrifting Sunday and Monday ... no such luck yet. But when you least expect it ... you never know! Thrill of the hunt right?