Monday, May 31, 2010

Couture, Cupcakes, & Colorado

Just returned from a vacation to Colorado. So needed! I feel replenished and sunburnt. So happy to carry back with me fond memories and pictures of some cute finds in the Centennial State. Boulder is definitely a cool college town with a city vibe. The pictures here are a few of my favorite shops that I saw while walking down Pearl Street. I had to enjoy the offerings of Tee & Cakes, a cute/artsy cupcake/sweet/coffee shop in Boulder. The remaining shots (the one that reads 16th Street Mall and upward) are from Denver. I love the hearts of big cities with buildings, metropolitan restaurants, and a skyline. Came across this beautiful old bookstore called Tattered Cover (recommended by Lindsay Mason) and saw a familar face/cover. The brick building in the top picture is in a location called Writer's Square. Had to stand there for a minute and take the noise and movement of Denver in. Im definitely a City Girl. More from the trip in coming posts. Happy window shopping!


  1. looks like you hit all my fav haunts! love the new Sew! awesome job! thanks so much!!

  2. 偶爾上來逛逛,下次不知是否還有緣再進來,先祝您平安順利!!! ........................................

  3. Intersting stuff! Love Heels?

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  4. Glad you are refreshed! Albeit Burnt.
    Sunscreen Love, don't wreck that perfect skin!

    Sounds like a wonderful time!

    Big Cupcake Hugs,

    Speaking of cupcakes, wait until you see my newest creation...

  5. I'm just sick that I didn't know you were coming to Colorado!! I live in Denver and would have given anything to meet you, Beth! Hope you enjoyed your vacation....maybe next time? I know of some wonderful vintage places to take you...

    Sue Jack