Friday, May 14, 2010

Speaking of Jewelry

Today was a good day for jewelry. As the Jewelry Affaire deadline looms nearer and nearer more artists are coming by to grace me and my office with their latest designs. It's such a happy time when this deadline nears. I love seeing things in person that I have for a long time admired from afar.
I had been waiting for Tracy's ( pieces anxiously. When they finally arrived they were everything I envisioned and more. I cant wait to wear her stuff out and introduce her to the world in the next Jewelry Affaire.
A definite treat was meeting Denise Yezbak Moore ( who brought with her oodles and oodles of jewelry. I love sorting through jewelry. When I get my hands on a piece, I start to really "see it." i love the smoothness, the touch, seeing how a piece lays down. it's all so much fun, and yet it is also part of the process. As I told Denise, it's not until every piece is laid out that I know what look Im really trying to achieve.
Denise is incredible. Her tastes and mine are so similar. She favors pearls, bling and color. She can make anything. I have a feeling Im going to become a collector of her things. I urge you to collect too (
It's always a good week when Deb Hodge comes to visit ( Im so glad Deb has forayed into jewelry. Check out her cuffs. Delicious and soft.
My thanks to the jewelry community, as it is unlike any other. These women are so passionate about their affairs with jewelry, bling, and the people who inspire them. Keep creating and Iwill keep sharing.

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