Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small Victories

Some days are met with hope, others with hesitation. Many people wake up and read the paper. Many people wake up and cook breakfast for their families, brew the coffee etc. For many women the dawn of a new day brings with it the donning of an apron. This idea is not old-fashioned. Quite the contrary. It's contemporary.
This is why I work hard. This is where it all pays off. Make sure and buy the L.A. Times today to read about the apron, and of course, apronology. I'm so proud to be mentioned in Rene Lynch's article alongside so many of the women I admire like Amy Karol( and EllynAnne Geisel ( The perfect way to start the day.
(The link to the online version of the article is posted below)


  1. Congratulations on the mention! I'll have to look for the apronology! I don't cook much but I love adorable aprons! Just to let you know I sent the package your way! I hope you enjoy what you see!

  2. Yea! for you girl! How exciting. It's always a great feeling to be recognized and appreciated for your hard work. Congrats. Hope to see you soon!
    Hugs, Tricia
    Vintage Bliss

  3. Fabulous and a great article ~ Congratulations Beth.
    If I only had my grandmothers aprons (yet I may still have some in a *must save* box somewhere) She wore them as a fashion statement and was a great cook too. An eccentric in her time. I have fun memories of her parties and her amazing colorful aprons. I do have photos, yet in black and white. I remember a beautiful bright green chiffon one she wore while hosting a St. Patties day party. No, not Irish either.. ;)
    Again, congrats,