Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unpackaging Passion

I feel like it's Christmas around here, with all the jewelry and bags coming in!

Jewelry Affaire is unique in that unlike the other publications I oversee, there is a lot of unpackaging that comes with each item. Sure, clothes are wrapped up, and bags are in parcels, but jewery is ever so-delicately boxed with care, love, and attention to detail. You can tell how much an artist loves their items by how they ever so gingerly wrap their beloved pieces, bundling them up to keep them warm and preserve their shine, preparing to send them off to an often cold world.
When I unpackage jewelry submissions I handle each piece with care, mindful that it's someone's passion I am unpacking. It is their labor of love. I carefully untie knots in chain, flip pendants right side up, and always put back these pieces in their padding once I've beheld the splendor of someone's intense work.
Can you believe these jewelry boxes? Talk about art of presentation! You'll see what was inside of them in the next Jewelry Affaire.
And then there's this beautiful gray ring with rhinestones from Nerissa (www.creativerantsfromnerissa.blogspot.com). I couldnt have wished for a more perfect ring. I've worn it the last 2 days. Gray goes with everything! The other cocktail rings are party favors from last year's birthday. I just like to be surrounded by bling.
And how could I forget about Haute Handbags? I am loving the unexpected bags that are coming in. There's still time to send something off. We have extended our deadline to 5/28/10! This business card from Sacha Allen (www.etsy.com/shop/afropumpkin) is currently sitting on my computer because it embraces my favorite things: color, handmade, and London. You will get to see Sacha's handiwork in the upcoming Haute.
Get to packing!

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  1. Oh, I'm jealous! I wished I lived in beautiful CA...you must absolutely adore your career! The boxes are just adorable, and I love that beautiful pink bracelet cuff - think I'll try to purchase myself one! Good luck with the next issue! Regards, Sheila