Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun With Lisa Loria

Lisa Loria ( dropped by today. She gave me one of the most inspiring and beautiful pieces of artwork I've ever received. Check it out. It's a bust with the Union Jack painted on (in aqua and pink instead of red and blue - making me love it more). Of course a vintage crown bling adorns the center and there's this amazing quote from Coco herself on the bottom. I dont think anything drives me more than the words of women who were trailblazers and were not afraid of being different.
Lisa also dropped off some exquisite goodies for Jewelry Affaire and Somerset Studio. And to make the trip perfect, she even picked up this tote from our Shoppe by Papaya! ( This tote is so Lisa. I love how Lisa is not afraid to be who she is both in her art and in person. Her jewelry has so much color and personality, it's so happy and fresh whil winking at the past - it reflects her so well and the fact that she is a painter and a true artist. Another happy Stampingtong customer ... and editor!


  1. Oh, Beth!
    I just LOVE you!
    It was wonderful to see you, have lunch and visit!
    You are a gem of a young lady and thank you for your kind words...they mean a lot!

  2. Wow! That is awesome Beth! I love it too!

  3. Your blog feels like a celebration, of color and all that is beautiful. thanks for sharing, roxanne