Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Apron Day

Some may not know that there is actually a National Apron Day. Traditionally preserved as the Monday after Mother's Day, this is a special holiday that honors the many layers and meanings to this symbol that is as warm as the women who wear them.
It's no coincidence that my grandma came across this apron while thrifting, and gifted it to me today of all days. It's red gingham, a perfect match to the blue gingham one with red stitching that my grandma had given me months ago. This apron is so me, complete with cherries on the pockets and colorful trim. I love it. The fact that my grandma gave it to me today, on Mother's Day, says everything. It was a literal passing of a torch; passing down tradition to the next generation. Grandma in all her wisdom even left the original prcie tag on. She liked the look of the vintage tag and knew I would like it too, a reminder of simpler times. It cost $2.25 many years ago, and today means everything to me. How wonderful it is to take part in this heritage, this history, to share this appreciation with my grandmother. We need to make every day worth jotting down in a history book.
Thanks to my grandma who helped me realize the value of telling and preserving stories; writing down things as they come in my mind, so that every day can live and breathe just as we do. Because that's what mothering is after all, the giving of life, the giving of hope, the continuation of a story.

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  1. Well I learned something new! I never heard of a national apron day! Your Grandma sounds are so fortunate to have such a special person in your life. I was so close to my Grandmother as well, and agree, life is truly the continuation of a story. :-)