Friday, May 7, 2010


If you are familiar with Suzanne MacCrone ( then you can instantly spot her style: white, clean, understated, elegant. I am currently in the process of working with Suzanne on Somerset HOME. Let me tell you, this woman is a genius. I can't wait to show off her charming pieces that are so functional and fresh you'll want to buy them right up from her Etsy shop. Needless to say, I love Suzanne's style when it comes to making things for around the house. I was completely honored and grateful to have received this gift from her. Beautiful clothespins with her signature flower, in the prettiest little box. I'm picturing these clothespins on some aprons ...


  1. Oh Beth, you are SO sweet! Thank you for this public thank you ~ you did not have to do this. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the others. It's a thrill for me and I am so happy to know you. Enjoy and thank you!

    Ciao bella,