Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I Bought on Vacation

So we all know the best part about vacation is checking out what stores there have that your stores don't, right? I came across Goldmine Vintage in Boulder and struck gold with this find. Check it out, it's a vitnage rhinestone cocktail ring with blue leaves. So unusual. I needed some blue in my jewelry wardrobe and the shape satisfies my hunger for the unconventional cocktail ring. Definitely check out this store that has great vintage bling, clothes, accessories, and a few new things thrown in for kicks.
Oh yeah and while I was in Boulder I couldnt resist yet another cupcake. So good! Check out this hip eatery, where I found a delicious peanut butter & chocolate confection that I loved almost as much as my ring.


  1. don't you just love finding things you love ! I found a little second hand shop and I call it a goldmine!

  2. Cool shops and tasty treats...these are a couple of my favorite vacation do's as well. BTW, I used to live in Boulder and after seeing your pics, I'm craving a trip back to visit.