Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I Wore Today: Layers Upon Layers

When it comes to clothing I am not much of a layerer unless functionality depends on it. But when it comes to jewelry I am a firm believer in the layered look. Coco always said take a piece off, and Rachel Zoe always says add one more piece. But I like to think I am somewhere in between.

When it came to these necklaces I determined the more, the merrier. I like how they all fell together so well. Two of these necklaces are actually belts, but I like long necklaces so I wear them as such. The gold rope chain is vintage, the silver and rhinestone gem is from Coach, and the pearls are ones my mother gave me.
I love this skirt too. Again, layers. Its the only Free People piece I own and I got it years ago. The tiering and mix of tecture is very cool. I love sitting in it because it spreads out all around me, like sitting in a sea of fabric. It's always nice when you start out the day not knowing what to wear and end up with something really cool and really you.
The skirt has a lot of cream and white shades and I wore a slip dress underneath (more white). So the necklaces and their shine were key in making this outfit non-blah. Throw on some Juicy wedges and this summer look is complete.
How do you like to layer?


  1. Your layers are beautifully done! And I'm totally with Rachel....more is more, and more is better!

  2. Somewhere in between is best -- as you've just proven.

    Beautifully done!

  3. Looks Great!
    I always love multiple chain, multiple bracelets, multiple...I'm with Rachel.