Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Memories

It's funny, people's habits with food. I dont consider myself a foodie, but I am most definitely a cupcake connosieur. I can appreciate, however, the power food holds in bringing people together.

When Lindsay Mason ( and I were planning to meet up in Denver she decided on the Shoppe ( Definitely the best decision for two chocoholics. We indulged on salty caramel cupcakes and I took home this S'more confection for a midnight snack. I cant recommend the Shoppe enough, where you can treat yourself to coffee, hot chocolate, a cereal bar, art by local artists, and vegan cupcakes.
While sweets are quite the indulgence, friendships can be a daily one as well. The people that are brought together over food despite distances apart make for some of the sweetest memories. While I adore a decadent dessert, one thing I have always savored are my friendships. Other than food, fate is the ultimate hand that gently nudges two people together.
How lucky I am to know Lindsay. There's something comforting in chocolatey, moist, cake with frosting, yes. But there is nothing warmer or more comforting than meeting up with a familiar face at a not so familiar place when you are so many miles from home. Thank you Lindsay, for making my trip to Colorado all the more memorable.


  1. So great that you had that special time with your friend.
    You look especially radiant in the top photo Beth, you look so much like a young Jackie Kennedy.
    You are such a classic beauty :-)

  2. Deb and I both are honored to know you,
    I speak for both of us by saying that you are remarkable, kind and beautiful both inside and out.
    Thank you for being such a blessing to so many artists.

  3. Attention: 淳珮淳珮 said...

    You "Come On"!!!!

  4. Awwwww! This is so sweet, Beth. I'm so lucky to have you as friend :)